10.40pm Boxing news LIVE: Fury ‘sharp, fit and ready’, Joshua dismisses Saudi Arabia human rights record, Gal – The Sun

10.40pm Boxing news LIVE: Fury ‘sharp, fit and ready’, Joshua dismisses Saudi Arabia human rights record, Gal – The Sun


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  • 8 Sep 2019, 11:32
  • Updated: 8 Sep 2019, 11:33

ANTHONY JOSHUA and Andy Ruiz Jr held their final press conference in London ahead of December’s big fight in Saudi Arabia.

And Joshua surprised punters by labelling the man who stunned him in New York “the best heavyweight out there” – while former world champion Joseph Parker has claimed Tyson Fury is in good shape ahead of his Otto Wallin fight.

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  • Joe Brophy48 minutes agoSeptember 8, 2019

    HALL OF FAME boxing promoter Bob Arum admits he has no idea who “the f***” KSI and Logan Paul are ahead of their rematch.

    Speaking to Ring Magazine, Arum said: “Let me tell you, I don’t know who the f*** those two guys are, and I don’t give a s*** about them.

    “If they make a buck in the ring, who the hell cares? There are things in life to get excited about and this is not one of them. Who gives a s***?

    “People wanna pay to watch them, I take no issue.

    “Now, I never heard of them, but that shows how far removed I am from popular culture.”

  • Joe Brophy2 hours agoSeptember 8, 2019

    TYSON FURY has renamed Deontay Wilder the ‘Bronze B******s’ after the American told him to step aside so he can fight the winner of Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr.

    He told CBS Sports: “Deontay ‘Bronze B******s’ Wilder is a dosser and he knows he is.

    “I see all that stuff about how he wants me to step aside. Step aside to what? He’s terrified of the Gypsy King. He couldn’t beat the Gypsy King when I had three years out of the ring on alcohol and drugs.

    “How the f*** is he going to beat the Gypsy King now that I’ve been training for two years. Come on.

    “[Stepping aside] depends how much they want to pay me because I ain’t stepping aside. That’s not quite how it works and it’s very costly work.

    “You have to speak to [co-promoter] Bob Arum about all of that.

    “I told you, I only know about smashing. I don’t know about business, I never went to school. I’ve never got law degrees and I’ve never got business economic degrees. I’ve got nothing. The only thing I know how to do is f*** motherf***ers up.”

  • Toby Gannon2 hours agoSeptember 8, 2019

    ANTHONY JOSHUA has thanked KSI and Logan Paul for “putting all eyes on boxing”.

    The YouTube stars are set to turn professional for their rematch on November 9, which Eddie Hearn is promoting.

    Despite many boxing fans being turned off by the idea, former world heavyweight champion Joshua, 29, reckons it can only be a good thing for the sport.

    He said: “I think it’s sick.

    “He could have promoted it from a point of view that’s non-boxing, but getting their licenses, no head guards, rounds of boxing.

    “What people have to realise is, you have to put all eyes on boxing for us all to thrive.

    “So KSI and Logan Paul have a bigger following than me and most of the heavyweights combined.

    “If all those eyes are now going to watch me and watch my competitors and watch the sport of boxing, it’s going to rise.

    “I’ll always say I’m for it, so good luck to both of them, I hope they take it seriously because they can earn some respect here.

    “People look at them as a joke now, and they doubt them, but if they take it serious and they put on a good performance people might scratch their head and say, ‘Hang on a minute, this weren’t such a bad idea.’

    “You never know, YouTubers or this sort of event might happen more often.”

  • William Pugh19 hours agoSeptember 7, 2019

    CALLUM SMITH’S coach Joe Gallagher wants Eddie Hearn to let his man move to light-heavyweight so he can fight Sergey Kovalev.

    Gallagher told Boxing news: “Kovalev’s a great fighter, a great champion, but we’ll do him.

    “Get Callum Smith in there with him.

    “Have him become the first name that comes out of your mouth.”

  • William Pugh20 hours agoSeptember 7, 2019

    ANTHONY JOSHUA has sparring plans in place ahead of his fight with Andy Ruiz Jr on December 7.

    The Brit struggled to find a partner to replicate Ruiz ahead of his June defeat to the Mexican.

    But Eddie Hearn told Sky Sports he would not make the same mistakes again.

    The Matchroom promoter said: “It’s so difficult to replicate the style of Andy Ruiz.

    “The guy is 6’1”, he’s 19st, and he’s got speed like a middleweight.

    “It’s one thing getting a sparring partner in, it’s getting them to let their hands go against Anthony Joshua. Would you want to do it? You’ve got to be mad to even spar with him, let alone fight him.

    “We’ve got more heavyweights than anyone. I don’t really want them helping out Andy Ruiz. We’ve already identified probably half-a-dozen guys who we think are the right mould.

    “One of the problems last time was we had six weeks to prepare. Ruiz was coming off Alexander Dimitrenko, which was actually a great style to prepare for Anthony Joshua.

    “We tried to get the sparring in, we struggled a little bit, no excuses, but this time around the preparation has got to be spot on.

    “There’s six, seven guys we’ve already identified and hopefully they make the trip and we can get the absolute best preparation this time around.”

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