Woman’s 12-Week Scan Reveals Expected Baby Is Actually Cancerous Growth – LADbible

Woman’s 12-Week Scan Reveals Expected Baby Is Actually Cancerous Growth – LADbible

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An expectant mum went for her 12-week scan only to find that her pregnancy was in fact a cancerous growth.

Grace Baker-Padden, from Willington, County Durham, UK, was initially surprised when she appeared pregnant, as she was on the pill. However, a GP confirmed it, and despite not planning the apparent pregnancy, Grace and her boyfriend Joe Cowling decided to go ahead with it and shared the news with their parents.

Grace Baker-Padden and Joe Cowling were shocked to discover the baby they were expecting was in fact a cancerous growth. Credit: Facebook/Grace Baker-Padden

But 23-year-old Grace was concerned she may be having a miscarriage after noticing spots of blood, and a 12-week scan at the University Hospital of North Durham revealed her suspected pregnancy was in fact cancer.

Speaking to The Mirror, Grace said: “We decided to proceed with the pregnancy, we were so happy and excited. Our parents couldn’t wait to be first-time grandparents.”

However, the news changed everything.

Grace continued: “It was such a shock. From planning this exciting new future as a family to suddenly no baby and my health at risk was awful.

“I just wanted the horrible mass out of me immediately.”

Joe, 28, said as soon as they saw the scan they knew something wasn’t right.

He said: “There was no baby shape – it looked like a bunch of grapes. The midwife said it looked like a ‘molar pregnancy’, and went to find a doctor.

“We googled and saw it sometimes meant cancer. We began to panic.”

It was confirmed that it was in fact a molar pregnancy, a gestational trophoblastic disease caused when a non-fertilised egg implants in the uterus.

Grace was made sick by a hormone imbalance and had to undergo chemotherapy. Credit: Just Giving

The cancerous growth – which tests revealed was malignant – was removed two days later, but Grace had to undergo six months of chemotherapy in order to combat soaring hormone levels, which were making her sick.

Two days after Christmas – almost a year on from her 12-week scan in February 2018 – Grace was at last given the all clear, though doctors have warned there is a 15 percent chance it could return.

The couple hope to have a baby ‘one day’, though their ordeal has left them ‘scared to try again’. But today (Sunday), Joe is taking on the Great North Run to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, who help fund a unit in Weston Park Hospital, Sheffield, where Grace had tests last September.

Joe is taking on the Great North Run to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Credit: Grace Baker-Padden

Grace said: “I feel really emotional about him doing it because it’s such a good cause. We’ve seen them help so many people along the way.”

To sponsor Joe, visit his Just Giving page.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Joe Cowling

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