‘Zombie-like symptoms’: McAfee warns of chemical infection through CBD vapes – RT

‘Zombie-like symptoms’: McAfee warns of chemical infection through CBD vapes – RT

John McAfee has suggested that the recent contamination of CBD vape products could be tied to a research chemical that supposedly causes “zombie-like symptoms.”

The cybersecurity expert and US presidential candidate tweeted about a claim that people are testing “infection vectors for the release of a powerful Research Chemical that causes zombie-like symptoms,” and linked to an article about a “purposeful contaminant” in a number of CBD products, saying it “should scare you.”

“What better vector?” he added. 

Marijuana products used in vaping have been linked to a number of cases of pulmonary diseases in the US. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found the products were using an oil derived from vitamin E. 

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McAfee referenced the South China Zombie Research Centre in his tweet, which he reportedly started working with earlier this month to create its CZCOIN ($CZ) cryptocurrency and white paper. 

To my critics: it isn’t my job to determine the validity of @china_zombie ‘s claim that zombies exist. My job us to ensure that the white paper for the CZ coin is factual and informative regarding all aspects that affect the creation, distribution and use of the coin. That’s all. pic.twitter.com/MpblMpSVE5

— John McAfee (@officialmcafee) August 24, 2019

However, just weeks in, their relationship seems to have soured, if their tweets can be taken at face value. The center, which only started posting messages on Twitter in August and repeatedly warns about zombie outbreaks in its broken-English tweets, claims it will sue McAfee for allegedly damaging their work and putting the world at risk of zombies. 

We are sue Mr. McAfee for make us look like fool. We not understand why White Paper say such bad things for us. We finish for Mr. McAfee. Things not true. We serious research. World must see. Zombie threat threat real and must be approach now by whole world.

— South China Zombie Research Centre (@china_zombie) September 5, 2019

It may just be the latest chapter in an elaborate social media joke: Twitter users have suggested that McAfee himself could have a hand in the South China Zombie Research Centre’s tweets.

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