Woman finds Lucozade bottle from 1993 in childhood bedroom and drinks it – The Independent

Woman finds Lucozade bottle from 1993 in childhood bedroom and drinks it – The Independent

A nurse who discovered a bottle of Lucozade dating back to 1993 in her childhood bedroom, before toasting the find by drinking it.

Paula Peacock opted to down the drink despite the best-before date being 1994.

“It tasted good,” she said. “It was just like the original recipe but without the bubbles.”

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The 43-year-old mother-of-two had placed the bottle behind a wardrobe when she was a teenager after being diagnosed with type one diabetes.

Doctors had told her she should keep a bottle of the glucose energy drink close to hand as it could help if she ever had a hypo – where a diabetic’s blood sugar falls.

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But she forgot about it and the Lucozade remained there after she left the family home in County Armagh and moved to Scotland, where she now lives in Clarkston, near Glasgow.

She discovered it once more on a trip back home.

“When I found it, I was like ‘oh my word’,” she said. “They don’t even do the glass bottles anymore.

“My room has been painted with a new floor put down, so somebody has obviously taken it out and put it back in again. I did feel nostalgic, I keep looking at it. It’s quite dinky. It looks like a pot of gold.”

Her and dad, Jim Martin, 67, agreed to sup it together.

“We both agreed it tasted the same but a bit flat,” was the verdict.

Along with the once-fizzy drink, Ms Peacock discovered her prized Levi denim jacket and a lot of schoolwork in the wardrobe.

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But it was the Lucozade bottle – which would have gone out of production in 1998 – which she was most delighted with: she carefully packaged it in a cool box and took it on the ferry back home, where she says she will keep it as a childhood memento.

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