Three women reveal their Freshers’ Week sex secrets including stripping to lingerie in a hotel pool and l – The Sun

Three women reveal their Freshers’ Week sex secrets including stripping to lingerie in a hotel pool and l – The Sun

FRESHERS’ week is in full swing, with students all over the country embarking on seven days stuffed with sex, booze and dodgy kebabs.

According to a poll by sex toy brand Lovehoney, 37 per cent of guys and 29 per cent of girls have sex during freshers’ week, with each student splashing around £200 on alcohol and nights out.

 Maisie, right, enjoyed the party to end all parties


Maisie, right, enjoyed the party to end all parties

So is Freshers’ Week as wild as we think? Here three Sun readers open up about their experiences…

‘I stripped off and swam in my undies’

Maisie Barnes, 37, is a full time mum and lives in London

Maisie says: “I studied business management at an agricultural university close to home.

In our group we had a bunch of students who just finished school like me – 18-year-olds – and a few slightly older ones.

They were rich guys who already had their own successful agriculture businesses, but for some reason needed a certificate.

During Freshers’ Week the rich ones organised a welcome party for everyone. They rented a big fancy hotel for the do with a pool and invited all 50 of us on the course.

From the off it was fun: there was loads of alcohol and food – more alcohol than food. Within an hour or so I’d had too many drinks. 

It was my first time being at such a fancy private party with so many other students, and inevitably I stripped off with some other girls and we were swimming in our underwear. It was totally our idea and I didn’t mind.

A few hours later, one of the party organisers started to chat me up – he was one of the ‘rich’ students. 

I didn’t know his name but he was quite hot and before the night was over I ended up having sex with him. 

The following Monday at lectures I saw him and said ‘hi!’ but he didn’t talk to me. I couldn’t believe he’d ignored me.

I was so embarrassed and felt really cheap. I saw him again the following day and yet again he blanked me. I seriously thought about jacking the course in and going home. 

That night a car beeped outside of halls. It was the same guy who ignored me now wanting to talk – I wasn’t sure what was going on. 

Then it all became clear… next to him in the car was his identical twin brother. I’d been saying hello to the wrong bloke all week.”

‘I was determined to pop my cherry’

Emma Donaldson, 50, is an artist and lives in Leicester

 Emma Donaldson popped her cherry during her freshers' week


Emma Donaldson popped her cherry during her freshers’ week

Emma says: “I was dead skinny and a bit of a beanpole as a teenager and at home everyone told me I looked like a bloke! 

The androgynous look wasn’t in back then and I had no luck losing my virginity.

I was supposed to sleep with a bloke before I left for uni but he was messing me around so much in the end that I told him where to go.  I ended up going to Huddersfield uni as a virgin. 

I was determined to pop my cherry during Freshers’ Week – I’d like to think I was quite pretty – and some girls were beating them off with a stick that week. But not me.

Fortunately I got chatting with a bloke in one of the bars and started flirting. I made it quite clear how I wanted the evening to end. We both had a room in halls and I went back to his.

 Many freshers want to lose their virginity, just like Emma did


Many freshers want to lose their virginity, just like Emma did

 Freshers' week is a time to lose your inhibitions says Emma, right


Freshers’ week is a time to lose your inhibitions says Emma, right

I made sure I wasn’t wasted because I wanted to remember the moment. He had a single bed and put some Northern Soul music on.

I started stripping off so he got the message what I was after. Thankfully he had condoms and while it was over in minutes it wasn’t too bad. 

Even though I’d assumed it would be a one-night stand we ended up seeing one another for a few months afterwards too. 

You can lose your inhibitions – and virginity – during freshers’ week and that’s just what I did.”

‘I started pole dancing in the club’

Lizzie Baker, 32, is a mum and lives in Bristol

 Lizzie planned to wow with her pole dancing during freshers' week


Lizzie planned to wow with her pole dancing during freshers’ week

Lizzie says: “Before I went to uni I’d spent a year doing a night course in pole dancing – for fitness purposes only. 

During our second day at uni, Freshers’ Week was in full swing, and I went out with my mates at 1pm that afternoon. 

We’d all done the access course together the year before so already knew one another well – there was zero shyness between us.

There were loads of deals on in the bars and pubs we went to. We went from one to another doing shots and things got very messy!

We ended up at a nightclub and we were all pretty battered by this stage. When we weren’t photo bombing random people’s pictures we were getting a lot of attention from the lads.

I love pole dancing even when I’m out at a club, so when I thought I saw a pole I told my mate, ‘I can pole dance that!’ 

 Lizzie experienced an epic pole dancing fail during freshers' week


Lizzie experienced an epic pole dancing fail during freshers’ week

She said, ‘Don’t be daft! It’s not a pole it’s a barrier.’ I was hammered and went, ‘Nope it looks like a pole to me!’ Before I knew what was happening I did a classic pole dance move, upside down complete with extended leg. 

Thank god it was cold and I had my tights on so I didn’t show off too much. The doorman came over and I thought I was going to get kicked out but he just smiled and walked away. I think he realised I was harmless! 

A group of guys next to us couldn’t believe their luck, they ended up inviting us into the VIP section for shots.


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My mate looked at one of the lads and went, ‘He’s fit!’ So she walked up to him looked him up and down and smiled. When she walked away, turned around, smiled – and he smiled back. 

Fast-forward to today and they are married with two kids. I was their bridesmaid and part of the wedding speech was,  ‘Lizzie pole danced during freshers’ night!’”

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